I met Dr. Julie about 10 years ago when my Collie, Promise needed chiropractic care. Promise was doing agility (all that jumping and quick turns can play havoc on the body) at the time and I felt it would be beneficial to her to have monthly adjustments.  She absolutely loved being adjusted- you could see her physically and mentally relax following treatment. She would get so excited when I’d say “We’re going to see Dr. Julie today”.  Promise continued to see one of her favorite people right up until her death.  I believe Dr. Julie took her passing just as hard as I did.

I eventually learned that “Dr. Julie” was also a human chiropractor. Yippee and woo-hoo!  So I started my own monthly sessions with her.  At first the visits were for monthly  “maintenance” and the occasional “ouch”but after I suffered a stroke in 2007, my visits with Dr. Julie became a real godsend.  I could not lift my arm above my head.She worked diligently with me.  She was a “woman on a mission” to help me.  I benefited more from those sessions with Dr. Julie then I did from the physical and occupational therapists.  Don’t get me wrong.  They  got me going again, but it was Dr. Julie who got me really moving.  Within 4 months, I could lift my arm above my head pain free.  If it wasn’t for her dedication, I don’t think I’d be where I am today, better than 98% recovered!

It is because of my past experiences with Dr. Julie Levering, whether it be human or  animal, my new Collie pup and I will continue to see her to draw the benefits of her expertise.  We look forward to many years of her care.

– Chris – Oswego, IL

My black and tan dachshund, Clyde, ruptured a disc in 2007 before he turned 10 years old. The only relief I could find for him was steroids and pain medications which left him lethargic and still in some pain.He was able to relieve his bladder and bowel but he stumbled when he walked and was unable to si